Jörg Mandernach

Studied in Stuttgart, Germany and lives and works near the city. Granted many prizes and scholarships over the years and he is known for his cut out images that are collaged as two dimensional images or three dimensional installation works that covers whole gallery spaces. Mandernach joined Cascade Art Space in 2014.

- I connect media in various groups of works: from small sketch-like objects (for example, the object group “die andere Baustelle” – “the other construction site”) and small-format works on paper (for example, the series: “aus dem Zettelkasten” – “from the file box”) through large-format pictures (for example, the encaustic series “Sedimente” – “Sediments”) to room drawings.

Works from my other work groups can thereby overlay expansive flat and linear motifs painted or drawn directly on a wall, ceiling, or floor.My work gives me the chance to respond to the flood of images that pours over me.I try to interpret in graphic art, in drawings, and in paintings the unconnected images that often exist in seemingly parallel worlds; I transpose them into a web of relations that, for me, is new in form and content and possibly poetic, as well. – Jörg Mandernach


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