Aprés St-Art 17 – Artists from Cascade Art Space

5th Feb – 8th April 2018


Cascade Art Space present a group exhibition of artists that presented at the St-Art Strasbourg Art Fair 2017.  With many interests from people who visited the fair in Strasbourg requested to view the works at the gallery.

Robyn Base´s video works were also chosen as one of the best 10 works at the fair and we are so proud to represent her works for the last 10 years.



FROM NORTH TO SOUTH – Three Artists from Bremen

Martin Koroscha – Bernd Müller-Pflug – Sarah Hillebrecht

5. November – 2. December 2017 (Vernissage 5.11.2017, 15.00h)

Opening hours: Wendsday – Saturday 14.00 – 18.00h and by appointment



 Meditative Landscape

New works by H.M Du Rhone

9.Sep – 28th Oct



Cascade Art Space starts 2017/18 exhibition program with a special event and exhibition with Lions Club Strasbourg Metropole Europe.

Lions Club Strasbourg Metropole Europe has been interested in Culture of Strasbourg and Kehl region  ( France and Germany) and we are excited to co-operate with the club for the first time.

Vernissage: Saturday 9th September from 19:00

Special concert by Serge Margraff


`Special Summer Exhibition – Postcards from familiar places`

Cascade Art Space invite you and your friends to Special Summer Exhibition – Postcards from familiar places

23th July – 3rd September 2017



As a special summer exhibition, cascade art space  curated an exhibiton with drawings , prints and skeches of familar places in Europe.   ´Special Summer exhibition – postcards from familiar places´ is an opportunity to view some of selections of drawings, etchings and paintings from Tilmann Krieg, Velery Koshlyakov, Ramon Segerra Roig and H.M Du Rhone.

Cascade Art Space will be closed for the summer holiday from 24th – 31st Aug.


Soon Joo HONG

18th June – 15th July 2017

Vernissage Sunday, 18th June, from15:00 pm

Hong-ink on paper- 96x63cm-2017

Korean artist Soon Joo HONG is invited to show her recent works at Cascade Art Space in conjunction with her residency at Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France.

HONG will present `Sumukhwa`demonstration during the opeing hours of her exhibition.

In Korean `Sumukhwa`or Japanese `Sumi-e´ is known as literati painting or ink wash painting which was developed in ancient China using the same materials —brush and ink on paper. Emphasis is placed on the beauty of each individual stroke of the brush. The Chinese speak of “writing a painting” and “painting a poem.”
This is permanent, black ink made from quality vegetable oil soot, formulated especially for sumukhwa painting and calligraphy. Ink wash painting uses tonality and shading achieved by varying the ink density, both by differential grinding of the ink stick in water and by varying the ink load and pressure within a single brushstroke.

Die koreanische Künstlerin Soon-Joo Hong wird während der Vernissage ihrer Ausstellung am 18.Juni in der Galerie Cascade Art Space die Arbeitsweise der „Sumukhwa“ Zeichnung demonstrieren.In der koreanischen Kultur bezeichnet „Sumukhwa“ – aus dem japanischen auch bekannt als „Sumi-e“ – literarische Malerei in Form einer Tuschezeichnung. Ursprünglich wurde dieser Stil im alten China entwickelt als Pinseltuschezeichung auf handgeschöpftem Papier.
Jeder individuelle Pinselstrich wird bewußt gesetzt und umfasst die Schönheit und Ausdruckskraft des künstlerischen Gedankens. Chinesen beschreiben es als „ein Gedicht malen“ oder „ein Bild schreiben“. Die dauerhafte, tiefschwarze Tinte wird aus erstklassiger, pflanzlicher Ölkohle gewonnen und speziell für „Sumukhwa“ Zeichnungen und Kalligraphie entwickelt. Die Zeichnung erzielt ihre Tonalität und ihren
Kontrast durch die unterschiedliche Dichte, während der Tuschestift in Wasser angerieben wird. Durch die unterschiedliche Konzentration und individuellen Druck entstehen Lebendigkeit und Ausdruck in einem einzigen Pinselstrich.



Special Summer Exhibition in Australia

Cascade Art Space artists Tilmann Krieg, H.M Du Rhone and Eunice  Lee were invited to have a special summer exhibition in Merrimbula, Australia.

Tilmann Krieg visited Australia to produce sepcial drawings of Australia for four weeks and his works were presented with artists from Australia.

2nd – 15th Jan 2017

Plakat Merimbula A3+5mm


`Metropolis` Visuelle Symphonie`


Tilmann Krieg

6th Oct– 8th Dec ,2016



Tilmann krieg is invited to realise his installation work `Metropolis -Visualle Symphonie` at Jesuitenkirche  in Heidelberg, Germany. There will be one hour projection and sound installation at the church.

In conjunction with his installation Cascade exhibit his photographic works during the months of October, Nomverber and December.

`Poetic Garden`


Lee Yong Kyu

4th  October 2015 – 24th January 2016

Vernissage Friday 9th October, from 19:00



After the successful exhibition at Sinsegye gallery( Samsung cultural Centre) in Seoul, Lee Yong Kyu is invited to have a solo exhibition at Cascade.

Casual Observation`


Robyn Base

6th – 27th September 2015

Vernissage Sunday 6th, September from 15.00

robyn base -Surreal Light


Special concert – sound artist Michael Vierling will perform his sound and visual concert.

Robyn Base attaches her Iphone 5 to her family car and films her own local streets as she drives around her home in Melbourne. She takes her children to schools, does her daily shopping etc.  The filming is random and unplanned and then she transforms the film into black and white , the speed of the film is slowed to 30% and then the films are framed in metal boxes resonance of old television sets or surveillance screens.  The footage from the mundane to a gritty, slowly evolving drama where passersby play cameo roles in their own private narratives.  The viewer can never know how these stories unload but becomes involved, shifting from casual observer to collaborator, implicated by notions of voyeurism and privacy. The films also act as a self-portrait, capturing glimpses of the artist´s own movements and traces of her daily life.

`Summer Sculpture Exhibition`

June 26th – Aug 8th 2015


`Meditative landscape`

H.M. Du Rhone

12 . March – 25th June 2015

Vernissage with new catalogue reception – 29th March. 15:00

`Meditative Landscape` is evolving theme of Du Rhone´s artworks. 


`Meditative Landscape` is evolving theme of Du Rhone´s artworks.  The artist attempts to simplify the ele- ments of landscape  to reflect what she sees as the spiritual order underlying visual communication, creating a clear and universal aesthetic language within her paintings.  Confronted by the natural environment and perhaps with the eye of an outsider as an advantage, she recogni- ses the wonderful uniqueness and beauty of her surroundings. The feeling of relaxation and communing with these surroundings led her to want to express the awakening in her art.  Zen Buddhism which focusses on individual enlightment through daily experiences and meditation gradu- ally influenced Du Rhone’s artmaking.  She explores the actual physical and mental experiences of painting as her means of meditation. She attempts to represent the mystical emotion and harmony she feels from the surrounding landscape by applying repetitive hand-drawn vertical and horizontal colour-filled lines to pull the viewer into a meditative state of being. In the process of producing the artworks the artist is also in a constant state of meditation just as viewing the artworks can be a meditative experience.


`Winter Collections`

Dec 14th 2014 – Feb 20th 2015

Einldg Oststrasse- Dez. 14

Einldg Oststrasse- Dez. 142


`Make the Point – Faire le point`


Young Hee Hong

Oct 25th – Nov 20th 2014

Vernissage Am Samstag, 25th Oct um 19:00 Uhr

Young Hee Hong_DSC5339 screen


Professeur de L´histoire de lárt Claude Rossignole will open the exhibition

Qui dans sa vie n’a pas été amené à faire le point.
A cette question qui traverse tout un chacun, l’artiste s’atèle et s’interroge, proposant par gestes concrets, physiques et rythmés, des séries de points sur images « universelles », supports à sa propre méditation tout comme l’autre y est invité.
En effet pour l’artiste, faire le point ne reviendrait-il pas à bannir le visible à la recherche de l’invisible ?.

De cette démarche initiale et de façon induite s’est rapidement invitée à la table du travail de Young Hee Hong, la notion d’image ou de représentation, vues d’orient et d’occident. Une tentative de mariage de ces « points de vue » par superposition de deux médiums est présentée.

Quoiqu’il en soit, le temps quant à lui fera son œuvre et son chemin, au hasard des points.

 Ateliers Ouverts – Germany and France


Ateliers Ouverts 2014, Strasbourg – France & Kehl – Germany

Official reception of 2014 Atelier Ouverts will be held in Cascade Art Space , Kehl,Germany

Samstag 17th Mai, Um 11 AM / Saturday 17th May, at 11 AM

Ensemble de L ´Ill – Caroline Drouin(Violin), Aurelien Sauer(Viola), Timothee Bohr(Cello) will perform

Jean Cras, Trio a Cordes ( 1st movement)

Witold Lutoslawski, Duet viola & Cello Bucolics

Arthur Lourie, Duet Violin & Viola
New works of  Tilmann Krieg will be shown at Cascade Art Sapce and special exhibition of Eunice Lee from Australia.



Martin Koroscha

Dec 14th 2013 – Feb 14th 2014

Vernissage Saturday 14th Dec : from 15.00 pm

web-image of martin 3


Special Installation by Young Hee Hong

Korean-French installation artist Young Hee Hong was invited to make a special installation for the ART BOX at Cascade Art Space. The work can be viewed 24 hours 7 days a weeks as a living installation.


Christmas Exhibition 12


Cascade Art Space present artists from Germany, France, Korea and Australia for the second Christmas exhibition at Kehl, Germany. 



`X Minuten`


Artists from Kehl city

July 1st – Aug 1st 2013

Kunst project conjunction with Kehl city art department.

Michael vierling is invited for a special exhibition and sound performance

dsc00075 dsc04830




Michael Vierling

Sonic and light installation



Pat Kramer

November 2012 – March 2013


web-pat web-pat-ins web--pat-kramer-exhibition-photos


Pat Kramer was invited to make a special project in the Cascade Art Box .

Three phases of installation of light sculpture were produced over five months period.

Fragments of Time


Installation by H.M Du Rhone

Australian artist Du Rhone has taken a residency at Kehl for three months , July – September 2009 and as her finished residency, she installed her paper installation works at the ART BOX at Cascade Art Space.

The works can be views 24 hours and 7 days week for three months from April – July 2010.


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