Martin Koroscha

Can Houses dream? Has architecture a closer relationship to landscape then we think? What comes out of our head can be so sinister and foreign?… Martin Koroscha`s paintings represent a relationship between design and nature , at the same time familiar and surreal. The works are close to Pop Art but underneath the cheerful and fragile surface there is vibration ranging in the abysmal. The paintings build tensions and keep it without release.


Martin Koroscha’s seemingly cool paintings are devoid of people. Everything in his rather reduced straight-lined landscapes seems constructed. His views appear like images straight from the drawing board or as if computer-generated. The individual elements seem to be pulled straight from a sample book and assembled to model topographies. But what looks as if produced digitally is actually analogue fabrication. A closer look at the landscapes and architecture reveals that they are much more vivid than they seem. Koroscha’s assumedly clear image  world is full of disruptions, and the superficially rigid buildings begin to move.
Martin Koroscha’s paintings suggest objectivity, imply clarity yet incline toward the surreal. Mostly, the images seem to poke fun at representational art that sees in its effigy an approximation of the idea, which solely accounts for the esence of things.
Dr. Rainer Beßling

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